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Titanium Clad Plate

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Titanium clad plate
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Titanium Clad Plate
Baode Metal Clad Plate team successfully developed and produced rolled titanium plate. Its test results well satisfied the requirements of GB/TB547-2006 "Ti-steel Clad Plate" standard with an average cutting strength higher than the standard level, a surface bond rate reached 100%. The test results by the third party, Beijing lron&Steel Research Institute, showed that all its properties were qualified and excellent. Featured with fast delivery, broad width, less welding seams, low construction cost etc, this product has been applied in Zhuangping Xinyuan Power Plant, Shiheng Power Plant, Heilongjiang Qitaihe Power Plant, China Aluminum, Yangquan Group etc., making shandong Baode Metal Clad Plate Co., Ltd the first commercial supplier for rolled titanium clad plate. See the following test reports.